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  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)
  • The 'Nuch Tournament (photos courtesy The Pueblo Chieftain)

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Tony Andenucio Tournament

Welcome to one of the premier baseball tournaments in the country that takes place during the month of June at Runyon Field. The Tony Andenucio Memorial, which has been a fixture at Runyon Field for 41 years, runs this year from June 16-19, 2022, for the 42nd edition. The tournament has produced seven players that are playing in Major League Baseball.  Defending champion 4-Corners (NM) returns to lead a 12-team field which includes teams from Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and the Pueblo Azteca. Cliick below to view the schedule for the four-day tournament coming June 16-19, 2022.

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Hobbs Field Dimensions
342’ down the left-field line
374’ to center field
342’ down the right-field line

Andenucio Field Dimensions
335’ down the left-field line
378’ to center field
335’ down the right-field line


'Nuch Rules 

The two teams with the best total record out of each division will play in the semi-final round Sunday and the winners of these games will advance to the championship game Sunday evening at 7:00pm. The remaining 10 teams will pair up on Saturday for their Sunday game with a team from the other division. Tie breaking procedures are as follows:

a. Head to head
b. Runs Allowed
a. Runs Scored
b. Coin Toss

In the event of unforeseen problems (weather, lights) the tie breaking procedure will be used for equal number of games, in the order that they were played. The schedule will stay intact. Example: Team A plays 5 games and gives up 9 runs. Team B plays 4 games and gives up 7 runs. Team C plays 4 games and gives up 8 runs. Team A will only count runs given up in the first 4 games. Runs scored will be the last tie breaker before a coin toss.

All games will be 7 innings, the 8 run rule after 5 innings. Championship game will also be 7 innings, with the 8-run rule.

American league rules will be used. DH for the Pitcher Only, speed up for the pitcher and catcher only. Note: If a baserunner does not slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make a tag or if he maliciously runs into a fielder attempting to field a ball, the baserunner will be out. Player may be ejected. No malicious conduct will be allowed.
Teams will be given 10 minutes for in-and-out or half the time before the start of the next scheduled game. (Starters only unless agreed upon by both coaches).

Home team during division play will be decided by a coin flip 30 minutes prior to game play, with tournament director. (Exception: Pueblo Azteca will be the home team in all 5 of the 9 division games).

Semi-Final and Championship game home teams will be decided by the higher seed. If both number 1 seeded teams for each division play in the championship then the home team will be decided by the Coin Toss.

Trophies will be given for the 1st and 2nd place teams, All-Tournament Team MVP, MVP Hitter, Golden Glove and Most Improved Team.

You must make you own arrangements if you want radio hook up. Booths are available at the top of the grandstands at request.

Batting cages are available at Runyon Field.



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Runyon Sports Complex Rules

  • No outside food of drink.
  • No bikes, scooters or skateboards.
  • No music provided by teams or spectators is allowed in the complex, including beween innings and between batters.
    The open carry or firearm or deadly weapons within the sports complex grounds is prohibited per CRS 29-11-7-104.
  • No smoking of vapes allowed on the complex grounds.
  • No animals (except service dogs).

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