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Coaches Corner - 12U Baseball (American League)

Attention:  This message board is for communication between 12U baseball coaches in the American League. 

Examples for use:
Scheduling issues, scrimmages, and general information.

NOTE: * When the message string is completed between two coaches, PLEASE type this comment: "This request has been fulfilled"

Thank you!

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    Keith Blais 17192400437 · 16 hours ago
    Pueblo Thunder is looking for a baseball coach to help with our 12 u American team. Thanks Coach Keith
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    Jose Arellano · 1 months ago
    Trojan baseball club is also wondering if any teams are willing to switch a few 645 games to 830 with us because we’re also coming from the springs and we’re not gonna be able to make 830 games work I tried last week and the kids and parents were exhausted the next day I’ve talked to Larry I know he’s trying to move some things around for us so if any local Pueblo teams are willing to play at 8:30 so that the kids can get all their games in I would appreciate it.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Phil Sanz · 1 months ago
    My Name is Phil Sanz. I am looking for a team that would be willing to add a player. Nalen Sanz is 12 and has played all the way through coach's pitch but due to Covid hasnt played the last year and a half. We are new to the Pueblo area having moved back to Colorado after 2 years in Oregon. We have been desperately looking for a team to accept him. We have been working with Larry here at Runyon and haven't had any luck. I was able to make a team of 14U kids from all the waitlisted kids so my 14 year old could play. I do understand the issues with too many kids, but if there is a team willing to give him a shot please reach out. I can be reached on my cell phone at (970)764-0634. 
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Karlee · 1 months ago
    Issue resolved.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Martinez · 1 months ago
    Colorado Rogue 11u will not be playing 830 pm games until school is out as most of our team is in northern Colorado Springs so if there is any other teams willing to switch please reach out. First one is Tuesday night. 
    Thanks in advanced
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